Newfoundland Power
2004 Capital Budget
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  Newfoundland Power 2004 Capital Budget Application Complete Document (37 mb)
      What's Inside The Application:
           2004 Capital Budget Application: Filing Contents
      Application Divided Into Volumes:
           Volume I      (3 mb)
           Volume II     (16.7 mb)
           Volume III     (6.8 mb)
           Volume IV    (11 mb)
      Application Divided Into Sections:
           Complete Application Divided Into Sections For Easy Viewing (Incl. Revisions)

NF Power 2004 Capital Budget Application Revision 1 - Complete Document (37 mb)
      Revision 1 to Application:
           2003 Capital Expenditure Status Report, 1st Revision
           2004 Capital Budget Plan, Appendix B, 1st Revision
           Prefiled Evidence - Ludlow and Delaney, 1st Revision
           Schedule B Page 30 - 1st Revision: 09-05-2003
           Schedule B Page 70 - 1st Revision: 09-05-2003
           Transmission - Appendix 1 Pages 1 and 4 - 1st Revision: 09-05-2003
           Energy Supply Appendix 1 Page 3 - 1st Revision: 09-05-2003
           Information Systems Appendix 2 Page 2 - 1st Revision: 09-09-2003

Revisions to Application Dated August 26, 2003
  PU 35 (2003) - Dated November 5, 2003

  How To Participate In The Hearing
Requests For Info
  PUB: RFI's PUB-1 to PUB-135: Questions Only
NL Hydro: RFI's NLH-1 to NLH-89: Questions Only
PUB: RFI's PUB-136 to PUB-194: Questions Only
Responses to RFI's
  Public Utilities Board Requests
NL Hydro Corporation Requests
  September 10, 2003            September 10, 2003 Revised
September 11, 2003            September 11, 2003 Revised
September 12, 2003            September 12, 2003 Revised
September 19, 2003           
Information Filed
  Information # 1
General Filings
  Rules of Procedure
Final Argument
  NL Hydro: Brief of Argument
NF Power: Brief of Argument
PUB Hearing Counsel: Brief of Argument
Press / Notices
  August 1, 2003 - PUB Notice of NF Power 2004 Capital Budget Hearing

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