Newfoundland and Labrador
Investigation and Hearing into Supply Issues and
Power Outages on the Island Interconnected System - Phase Two
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  From NLH - 2015-2019 Energy Supply Risk Assessment - 2016-05-27
  From NLH - Probabilistic Based Transmiss~Assessment Report - Island Interconnected System (Teshmont Report) - 2016-05-27
  From NLH - AMEC Report - 2016-08-12
  The Liberty Consulting Group - Phase Two Report - 2016-08-16
  From NLH - Energy Supply Risk Assessment Report - UPDATED - 2016-11-30
  From NLH - Hardwoods and Stephenville Gas Turbine Failure Analysis - Final Report - 2017-01-11
  From NLH - Energy Supply Risk Assessment Report - UPDATED November 2016 - Revision 1 - 2017-01-26
  From NLH - 2015-2019 Energy Supply Monthly Report - January 2017 - 2017-02-10
  The Liberty Consulting Group ESRA Final Report - 2017-02-27
  Related Reports - Phase 1
  Liberty Report - addressing Newfoundland Power
  Compliance Filings
  PUB Phase One Report - September 29, 2016
  Related Applications
  GRK Motion - Request to Order Complete Responses to Requests for information and to Suspend GRK Delays until Complete Reponses are
        provided - November 26, 2015
  NP Motion - Request to Order Hydro to File Full and Adequate Responses to Information Requests - March 20, 2015
  Related Notices/Media Advisories
  PU 2 (2017)
  Related Orders
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