Newfoundland Power Inc. - Rebate to Customers




Press Release

Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities

Friday, March 16, 2001




On February 8, 2001, the Board received an application from Newfoundland Power Inc. proposing that revenue credited to the Company’s excess revenue account be disposed of through a rebate to its customers of 1.90% of customers’ total billing amounts for 2000.


Following a Public Hearing held March 12, 2001, the Board issued P.U. 37(2000-2001) approving the Company’s request, ordering that the balance in the Company’s Excess Revenue Account, as at December 31, 2000, of $6,733,000 be rebated to customers, together with HST of $1,010,000, through a one-time credit to each of its customers on their April 2001 electric service bills of 1.90% of the customer’s total billing amounts on electric service bills issued during the period January 2000 to December 2000. The total amount to be rebated to customers is $ 7,743,000.


A copy of the Board’s decision is available on the Board’s website at

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