Newfoundland Power Inc. Summer Meter-Reading Pilot Project




Press Release


Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities


Wednesday, August 23, 2000



In response to media inquiries regarding the issue of Newfoundland Power Inc., Summer Meter-Reading Pilot Project, the Board is issuing the following Press Release:


In a letter dated May 25, 2000, Newfoundland Power Inc. advised the Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities of the company’s plans to introduce a pilot project for summer meter readings, along with the parameters under which the project was to be implemented.  This project involves estimation of less than 3% of total readings for Newfoundland Power’s residential, and general service customers, once only during the months of July, August or September.  In subsequent communication with the company, prior to the implementation of the pilot project, the Board satisfied itself that the implementation of this project was not contrary to Board Order No. P.U. 7 (1996-1997) wherein Newfoundland Power dispensed with bi-monthly meter-readings.  In addition, the Board is satisfied that the pilot project conforms with the current Rates, Rules and Regulations of Newfoundland Power Inc. respecting meter readings as approved by Board Order No. P.U. 7 (1996-1997).  Since commencement of the project in July, the Board has received four inquiries, all within the last three days.  Of these, two customers were not affected by the project and two customers’ bills appeared to be estimated accurately.


The Board will again review this matter later this year after completion of the pilot project.   In the interim, the Board will continue to monitor the project and is prepared to direct Newfoundland Power Inc. to make any adjustments to the project the Board may deem necessary.


Inquiries should be directed to the Board’s Director, Regulatory and Advisory Services, at 709 726-0742 or by e-mail to or by fax to 709 726-9604.