Rates Charged By Facility Association in this Province




Press Release

Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities

Friday, March 30, 2001




The Board has today released its findings resulting from an investigation into the rates charged by Facility Association in the Province. 


The Board has concluded, in part, that the rates approved for Facility Association have been based on sound actuarial principles and the best information available at the time.  The Board found that any profit generated by the operation of Facility Association belongs to the members of the Association.  The Board also found that it would not be prudent to consider these profits in the rate setting process.


A complete copy of the Board’s decision can be found in Order A.I. 36 (2000-2001) which is available  on the Board’s website at www.pub.nf.ca . 


Any inquiry should be directed to Randy Pelletier, Legal Counsel.

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