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  Compliance Reports and Documents Filed with the Board  
  Capital Budget Related Reports  
           Allowance for Unforeseen Monthly Expenditure Reports  
           Use Of Allowance for Unforeseen Items  
           Capital Expenditure Reports  
  Generation Reports  
           Bay d'Espoir  
           Generation Adequacy Reports  
           Performance of Hydro's Generating Units (12-month Rolling Average)  
  Labrador Island Link (LIL) Updates and Associated Reports  
           Labrador-Island Link Monthly Updates  
           The Liberty Consulting Group - Quarterly Monitoring Reports  
           The Liberty Consulting Group - Monthly Monitoring of LCP Completion and Hydro Preparations for Winter  
  Energy Supply Monthly Reports  
  Annual Reports/Returns/Financial Reviews  
  Capacity Assistance Reports  
  Conservation and Demand Management Reports  
  Curtailable Service Option Reports  
  Hydro's Daily System Supply and Demand Status Reports  
  Labrador East Reliability Plan Monthly Reports  
  Net Metering Reports  
  Nostradamus Load Forecasting Reports  
  Operational Studies  
  Peer Group Performance Measure Reports  
  Rate Stabilization Plan Reports  
  Status of the Filing of Hydro's Next General Rate Application - Quarterly Updates  
  Transmission System and Terminal Station Asset Management Reports  
  Winter Readiness Planning Reports  
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Date Filed
Board Order / Compliance / Related Matter
Download NP Schedule of Rates, Rules and Regulations Effective July 1, 2021 2021-07-07 P.U. 23(2021)
Download NLH Feasibility of the Addition of a Non-Firm Rate Option to the Network Additions Policy for the Labrador Interconnected System 2021-06-30 P.U. 7(2021)
Download NLH Restrictions on Load Additions on the Labrador Interconnected System - Update 2021-04-07 Compliance
Download NP Normal Hydroelectric Production for 2021 2021-01-29 Compliance
Download NLH Key Account Management Framework Implementation Update Report 2019-09-30 P.U. 16(2019)
Download NLH 2019 Nalcor Energy Marketing Activities Conducted in 2018 on Behalf of Hydro - Redacted 2019-04-02 2017 GRA
Download NLH Operation of Gas Turbine for Winter 2018-2019 - Concluding Report on Hydro's Generation Dispatch Approach 2019-01-16 2018-12-05 Direction
Download NLH 2018 Marginal Cost Study Update - 2018-11-15 2018-11-15 P.U. 15(2018) RSP Rates
Download Grant Thornton Report - Sale of the Corner Brook Frequency Converter to Corner Brook Pulp and Paper 2018-10-26 P.U. 26(2018)

The Report/Filings page includes reports and filings that have been submitted to the Board after October 1, 2018. This page is new and will be updated regularly on a go-forward basis.
All reports and filings, including those received prior to October 1, 2018, may also be found on the page links to the related applications or matters in various locations on the Board’s website.
If you have any difficulty in finding the documents that you are looking for please contact the Board Secretary, Cheryl Blundon by email, or telephone, 709-726-8600.   

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