Board of Commissioners
of Public Utilities
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
2017 General Rate Application
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  U1 Transcript Reference: Pg. 110, line 22- Pg. 111, line 3
RE: RFI IC 122- Attachment 1, Pg.18-20
Is revenue from off-island sales included in the rates projection for 2021?
April 16, 2018
  U2 Transcript Reference: Pg. 73, lines 8-10
Provide a copy of the 2017 Budget and when it was approved.
April 17, 2018
  U3 Transcript Reference: Pg. 6, lines 1-4
Provide the cost (per kWh) to run the Holyrood gas turbines
April 23, 2018
  U4 Transcript Reference: Pg. 43, lines 11-22
Re: Reliable Operations System Performance
Who (In Hydro) developed the metric (criteria)?
April 23, 2018
  U5 Transcript Reference: Pg.72, lines 15-23 & Pg., lines 20-21
Re: Chart referenced in RFI IC-NLH-122, pg.20
Undertake to provide the name of the person who put the chart together
April 23, 2018
  U6 Transcript Reference: Pg. 76, line 19 to Pg.77, line 6
Undertake to confirm todays (current) electricity rate ( kWh)
April 23, 2018
  U7 Transcript Reference: Pg. 79, line 25 to Pg.80, line 11
Re: RFI IC-NLH-122
Undertake to provide what rate payers are paying in Quebec (domestic rate payers)
April 23, 2018
  U8 Transcript Reference: Pg. 141, line 6 to Pg. 142, lines 9-18
Undertake to provide Emera’s shareholdings in Muskrat Falls (Labrador Island transmission link)
April 23, 2018
  U9 Transcript Reference: Pg. 145, line 9-22
Undertake to provide the total expected kWh to be delivered to Soldiers Pond from the Labrador Island transmission link, excluding transmission losses
April 23, 2018
  U10 Transcript Reference: Pg. 154, line 9 to Pg. 156, line 2
Undertake to provide whether the Water Management Agreement is subject to litigation in the Quebec Courts
April 23, 2018
  U11 Transcript Reference: Pg. 217, line 17 to Pg. 218, line 9
Re: INFO # 6, p. 28- middle band of Chart (NLH Other)
Undertake to provide the information that was provided to generate the middle band
April 23, 2018
  U12 Transcript Reference: Pg. 252, line 7 to Pg. 253, line 17
Undertake to provide the current operating guidelines for dispatching generation for the Island( Interconnected ) System
April 23, 2018
  U13 Transcript Reference: Pg. 15, line 22 to Pg. 17, line 21 Undertake to advise any analysis of total cost of recall power vs power over the Maritime Link April 24, 2018
  U14 Transcript Reference: Pg. 35, line 4-9
RE: Labrador Industrial Transmission Rate Policy
Undertaking to provide copy of Policy , if not confidential
April 24, 2018
  U15 Transcript Reference: Pg. 48, line 25 to Pg. 26, line 5
Undertaking to provide component of Salary of CEO of Nalcor charged to Hydro?
April 24, 2018
  U16 Transcript Reference: Pg. 71, lines 9-11
RE: Exhibit 2, Schedule 1, pg. 29
Chart showing structure of Regulatory Affairs Department
Undertake to provide an updated chart
April 24, 2018
  U17 Transcript Reference: Pg. 113, line 1 to Pg. 114, line 6
RE; Info # 1 , Table 3.17 2017 Actuals
Undertake to provide the updated test year to reflect the Settlement Agreement changes
April 24, 2018
  U18 Transcript Reference: Pg.112, line 11 to Pg. 114, line 6
Undertake to provide the number of vacancies at the end of 2017
April 24, 2018

Transcript Reference: Pg. 153, line 10 to Pg. 159, line 7

Undertaking to provide the reduction in the incentive payments would be if only 50% of the financial performance is included in the revenue requirement as ordered by the Board with respect to Newfoundland Power

April 24, 2018
  U20 Transcript Reference: Pg. 176, line 18 to Pg. 177, line 19
Undertaking to provide the amount of 2018 payments made in relation to 2017 performance.(Company-wide for Hydro)
April 24, 2018
  U21 Transcript Reference: Pg.6, line 7 to Pg. 7. , line 8
Re: U#7
Consumer Advocate undertook to provide the appeal factum filed by CFLCo in the Quebec Supreme Court and the declarations that Hydro is seeking
April 25, 2018
  U22 Transcript Reference: Pg. 54, line 16 to Pg. 55, line 24
Confirm whether, under the expected supply scenario, does it include recovery of or payment of the O&M costs for Nalcor for operating the Labrador Island Link
April 25, 2018
  U23 Transcript Reference: Pg.59, line 22 to Pg.60, line 12
Undertake to confirm that the load forecast doesn’t take into account the possible requirements of Wabush Mines in 2018 and 2019
April 25, 2018
  U24 Transcript Reference: Pg. 65, line 15 to Pg. 67, line 18
Re: Data Centres in Labrador – Availability of recall power
Undertake to provide summary of what is being requested, what’s anticipated of being available in the 2018-2019 test year
April 25, 2018
  U25 Transcript Reference: Pg. 112, line 23 to Pg. 113, line 20
Re: RFI NP-NLH-13 – FTE’s 2015 test year
Undertake to determine how FTEs went from 943 to 888 in the Boards previous Order No. P.U. 46(2017)
April 25, 2018
  U26 Transcript Reference: Pg. 127, line 10 to Pg. 129, line 3
RE: Technical Report Specialist
Follow-up and advise whether there were any other roles eliminated because of the position
April 25, 2018
  U27 Transcript Reference: Pg. 134, lines 2-12
RE: PUB-NLH-11, Revision 1 – Table 2
Undertake to update the table to include 2017 actuals
April 25, 2018
  U28 Transcript Reference: Pg. 134, line 16 to Pg. 135, line 17
RE: RFIs PUB-NLH-11, Revision 1 - and PUB-NLH-59 - Table 2 and 3
Net changes increases in FTE’s from 2015 to 2019 test years
Undertake to advise when positions were added
April 25, 2018
  U29 Transcript Reference: Pg. 143, line 23 to Pg. 144 , line 1
RE: RFI PUB-NLH 32 , Table 3.1
Undertake to have table 3.1 updated to show 2017 actuals
April 25, 2018
  U30 Transcript Reference: Pg. 168, line 22 to Pg. 171, line 13
Re: Info#1, pg. 29
Undertake to provide the reason for the $4 million increase in actuals in 2016 and to provide an analysis of the new positions that came in 2017 (actuals) what is in for the full year in 2018
April 25, 2018
  U31 Transcript Reference: Pg. 178, line 22 to Pg. 179, line 15
Re: NP-NLH-76, pg. 2/2
Undertake to update Table to include 2017 actuals
April 25, 2018
  U32 Transcript Reference: Pg. 187 , line 4 to Pg. 189, line 10
Undertake to put a dollar figure on what reductions have resulted from those conservation and demand management programs
April 25, 2018
  U33 Transcript Reference: Pg. 209, line 15 to Pg. 210 , line 14
Undertake to provide what percentage of electricity in NL is produced by Hydro, Holyrood and wind
April 25, 2018
  U34 Transcript Reference: Pg. 221, line 8 to Pg. 222, line 1
Re: IC-NLH-122, pg. 22/26
Undertake to confirm if the energy charges that Hydro is using for Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick are actual energy charges or are based on unit costing and how the amounts were derived for New Brunswick
April 25, 2018
  U35 Transcript Reference: Pg. 3, line 24 to Pg. 4, line 25
Undertake to provide any reference you have to the update on net metering; how many have availed of it or applied for it, or undertaken projects pertaining to net metering and if you have any reference to coordination between Hydro and Newfoundland Power as part of your Undertaking
April 26, 2018
  U36 Transcript Reference: Pg. 3, line 24 to Pg. 4, line 25
Undertake to provide any reference you have to the update on net metering; how many have availed of it or applied for it, or undertaken projects pertaining to net metering and if you have any reference to coordination between Hydro and Newfoundland Power as part of your Undertaking
April 26, 2018
  U37 Transcript Reference: Pg. 83, lines 12-23
Undertake to provide a copy of what the measures and objectives for Mr. Coish’s performance reviews.
April 26, 2018
  U38 Transcript Reference: Pg. 84, lines 2-12
Undertake to provide the job description that was posted for this position
April 26, 2018
  U39 Transcript Reference: Pg.104, line 21 to Pg.106, line 4
Undertake to provide, in reference to Exhibit 3, Pg. 6, a document or a list of processes and performance indicators for the “Development of Key Account Management Process”
April 26, 2018
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