Board of Commissioners
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Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
2016 Capital Budget and Supplementary Applications
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  Capital Budget
  2016 Capital Budget Application
  Supplementary Applications
  Approval of the Procurement of 12 MW of Diesel Generation at Holyrood (New Application) - 2016-02-04
  Approval of the Replacement of the Lower Reheater Boiler Tubes on Units 1 and 2 at Holyrood Thermal Generating Station - 2016-03-29
  Approval of the Gas Generator Engine Refurbishments at the Hardwoods Gas Turbine Plant and the Stephenville Gas Turbine Plant - 2016-05-19
  Approval of the Rerouting of Transmission Line TL-227 and Distribution Line Sally's Cove L1 - 2016-05-16
  Approval of the Turbine Rehabilitation of Bay d'Espoir Unit 4 - 2016-06-28
  Approval of the Acquisition of the Wabush Terminal Station in Labrador West - 2016-08-05
  Approval of the Combustor Inspection and Overhaul of the Holyrood CT - 2016-08-31
  Allowance for Unforeseen Top-Up - Bay d'Espoir Access Roads and Penstock 1 Refurbishment
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