The Board has been requested by Government to undertake a review of electricity rate mitigation options and impacts in relation to the Muskrat Falls Project in accordance with the reference from the Lieutenant-Governor in Council under section 5 of the Electrical Power Control Act issued on September 5, 2018. The Board has been directed to review and report on: 1) options to reduce the impact of the Muskrat Falls Project costs on electricity rates; 2) the amount of required and surplus energy and capacity from the project; and, 3) the rate impacts of the identified options based on the most recent project cost estimates.

Government has appointed Dennis Browne, Q.C. as Consumer Advocate for the purposes of participating in this review. Mr. Browne may be contacted here


The Board’s interim report to Government was submitted to Government on February 15, 2019. The Board's interim report can be found here

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